Heineken refreshes the parties other beers cannot reach

Averting my gaze from the billboard of Helen Clark on the Hannah Playhouse, what should I find on the other corner of Courtenay Place but this?

Yes, the Greens’ concern with unhealthy food clearly doesn’t extend to drink. (Or, of course, dope.)

But more to the point…

Have Sue and the Greens counted the value of this prime central city advertising site under their expenses cap? I’m sure they don’t want to breach their own Electoral Finance Act again?

(So far, all the parties that rammed the EFA through have fallen foul of it, and all parties that opposed it have not.)

If they need an estimate of the site’s market value, I’m sure the media buyers at Clemenger BBDO can help.

They’re on the opposite corner.

(Oh, if you’re not in advertising, you probably won’t understand my headline. Check this example of one of the great English campaigns – voice over by Victor Borge.)


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