Can you cure my sloppy ‘speech marks’?

Anyone know how can I stop words beginning with ‘s’ from coming out with the opening speech mark the wrong way round?

There, it did it again.

The open-quote mark is meant to look like a ‘6’ or a ’66’, not a ‘9’ or a ’99’. 

(Hmm… I see we’ve got some consistency issues in that last line too. I knew there were two kinds of speech mark – the curly and the straight -but I didn’t think they’d top-and-tail the same quote.)

Seems my computer – or maybe just this blog program – can’t tell a speech mark from an apostrophe.

Is there a secretary in the building?


One thought on “Can you cure my sloppy ‘speech marks’?

  1. It’s the possesive pronoun (hel’s teef) and the “it is” abreviation thing (whatever that is called – I forget all my grammar now). I guess computers are to logical to differentiate

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