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My new Taiwanese national anthem

It was my wife’s homeland of Taiwan‘s 97th birthday on 10 October. (Double 10.) 

I don’t think their anthem does justice to their strong capitalist instinct. So, in honour of this dynamic fellow democracy, I took the liberty of composing a new one:

Taiwanta new computer
Taiwanta motor scooter
TaiwanTaiwantit now
To spit on Chairman Mao!

© J Ansell 2004

A warm welcome also to the new Taiwanese ambassador, Mr Charles Tsai.

(Note: if you are from Communist China and you are offended by the terms Taiwanese national anthem and Taiwanese ambassador in this post, I invite you to kindly get stuffed.)

8 thoughts on “My new Taiwanese national anthem

  1. It’s a shame the NZ government doesn’t have the balls to stand up to China and recognise Taiwan like you do.

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