Spot the coronation singer

You know our Kiri sang at Prince Charles’s wedding in 1981. And of course Elton John sang at his wife’s funeral in 1997. But you’ll never guess who sang at his mum’s coronation in 1953…

Yes, none other than Rolling Stone Keith Richards. He was a choirboy.

How do I know this?

Because yesterday I had the good fortune to chance upon The Importance of Being Trivial by Mark Mason. It’s a great read, and may even be the worthy recipient of this year’s birthday book token, unspent since March.  



 Eau Lawd! Well, as lawng as he’s nawt singing at mai funeral. 






Talking of trivia, one of the joys of living in the Courtenay Place area is that there’s a pub quiz most nights.

I haven’t actually been to any yet, on account of Iris’s oft-repeated view that the $100 prizes would be worth winning if they weren’t just redeemable for alcohol.

This doesn’t bother me quite as much, strangely.

I gather the Welsh Dragon Bar (AKA the Taj Mahal) have theirs on Sundays, the Sports Cafe on Mondays, and that English pub in Allen or Blair Street whose name escapes me for the moment, on Wednesdays.

Anyone know of any others nearby?












5 thoughts on “Spot the coronation singer

  1. “God save the Queen and her fascist regime” (Sex Pistols)

    I wonder how many kids the old bag’s troops have killed in Iraq this week? Try that one for your next pub quiz.

  2. Yes, the Halswell Tavern in Christchurch has one every Tuesday night. Our Jackpot is in cash up to $500 but sorry, Iris, our other prizes are bar vouchers. I know it’s not nearby but next time you are in the Garden city….

  3. The Cambridge has its on Wednesdays, and the prize is $200 CASH.

    Also, the Bristol has theirs on Tuesdays, and the Paramount does a movie quiz on Thursday nights which has free movies as a prize. If you know obscure trivia about movies.

  4. Thanks for that.

    The Cambridge it is then, though I imagine it’s hotly contested.

    No point me going to the Paramount, as I’m no expert in movies – unless you count The Hollow Men 🙂

  5. Keith did NOT sing at the Coronation. He did sing at a church within the Abbey at a competition in 1955. Check out his new book.

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