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Back with ACT

UPDATE: For those who are apparently still visiting this page in 2011, this post relates to the 2008 election. As a recidivist resigner (as Paul Henry called me in a recent interview), I thought I should make it clear that I have no plans to return to ACT in 2011 — and I imagine ACT has even fewer plans to invite me to. But they should think about running an update of this ad.

OK, OK, so it’s been harder for me to sit out an election than I thought. In the end I just couldn’t say no to a cause I believe in.

This, then, is the World Premiere of ACT’s new press ad. It runs in the NBR tomorrow.

I think it sums up why we need ACT in these troubled times. I hope Rodney, Roger and John can find the money to run it more than once.

My thanks to my artistic partners Lance Tomuri, Mike Boekholt and Andrew Rundle-Keswick.


25 thoughts on “Back with ACT

  1. John – I am so glad you are back with ACT – I reckon that will give them another 1 or 2 points in the final poll! Let’s PLEASE see a lot more of this – take advantage of National’s poor advertising and publicity this election.

  2. How very wonderful that you are back with them – and blogging, and in the city, and probably having coffees all over the place… If only I could join you in having one of those, my life would be complete!

  3. Great to see you back.
    Hope your run isn’t too late.
    This election has been sooo boring, hope you can bring some pleasure to the last week.

  4. Roger’s got the strongest spine of any politician. Can you imagine any of the current leaders (Rodney aside) having the guts to do what he did in the 80s?

    I live between Courtenay Place and Cambridge Terrace. Restaurants in front. Car yards to the right. Both offering a bewildering array of choices.

    It wasn’t always so. There were hardly any choices before 1984, most of them expensive.

    Roger caused a great flourishing of initiative, for which mean-spirited socialists give him not a shred of credit.

    Gratitude, as they say, is the least-felt human emotion.

  5. The 80’s? The decade or Douglas’ age? Perhaps his spine was sprung-steel then but now it’s just sprung. Big ups to Roger for the Great Flourishing of Initiative, but that was then. This is now.

  6. Ah, so initiative is passe. And courage turns cowardly with age.

    I’m assuming, greenfly, that you’re a greenie. No doubt you preferred the Great Leap Forward 🙂

    My wife’s Chinese grandfather was stoned to death in that flourishing of initiative. For the crime of being his town’s mayor.

    Tell me, is there any human initiative that the Greens would have endorsed at the time?

    Obviously not the free market or free speech or free will, that goes without saying.

    But what about the industrial revolution?

    Or electricity?

    Or aeroplanes?

    Or cars?

    When was the Green golden era exactly – and who among you would like to go back there?

    Which previous age’s life expectancy would you like to reattain?

    Which previous era’s standard of living do you aspire to?

    Which century’s sanitation standards do you hanker for?

    Despite the apocalyptic visions of communists, Greens and other witting or unwitting agents of destruction, our species continues to do better and better by most measurable criteria.

    Oh, how the self-satisfied, unthinking trendies gather together in state-sponsored huddles to castigate visionaries like Roger Douglas.

    Yet they see no irony in making full use of the cheaper goods and superior services that his removal of privilege and unleashing of competition made possible.

    Fortunately, it is the way with our species that those with vision and spine tend to win out in the end.

    It will horrify the gloom-merchants of the left to learn that the British people recently voted Maggie Thatcher their greatest prime minister since the war. Even in the North, they now stand and clap her out of restaurants.

    Reagan is similarly revered in America for staring down the scourge of communism when the conventional wisdom merchants dismissed him as a washed-up B grade actor whose brain had long since left the building.

    And here in New Zealand, the name, principles and achievements of one finance minister will live on long after history has forgotten all but a few prime ministers.

    Today’s bribe merchants are unlikely to be among them.

  7. Mr Ansell (I’d always thought your name was Adsell, I’m sure you can see why) That’s a fine rant against imaginary foes and full of fascinating detail; who’d have known Maggie Thatcher was exiting restaurants to a hail of clapping (was that before or after she ate?). You describe your (somewhat surprising) dislike of merchants in detail and ask some curiously naive questions to boot. Here’s one that rang my bell;
    “Tell me, is there any human initiative that the Greens would have endorsed at the time?”
    I can’t speak, Lorax-like, for the Greens, but I imagine they welcomed many of the renewable energy industries that provided alternatives to the burning of fossil fuels. I suppose they were delighted when the use of pit-ponies was suspended and the employment of children as chimney sweeps was ruled unacceptable, the use or napalm on civilian populations stopped, the slaughter of whales on the high seas postponed and the green light given for the use of ‘medical cannabis’ for the treatment of cronic pain in some countries of the world. It’s not difficult to find initiatives the Greens support, nor those they can claim. I’m guessing you didn’t even try.

  8. Sick Greenfly. Funny you don’t mention this about Jim Anderton who is barely a year younger. Or do you like making nasty remarks about our elder statesment to help you sleep at night? Im sure your party leaders would be so proud of you.

  9. My apologies to you and Roger Douglas, Clint (and to anyone else who might be bristling). I was trying to be clever. I hope Mr Douglas’ spine is as healthy as that of an 18 year-old. I thought ‘coccyx’ was clever though, but perhaps not. As for Jim, it’s worse than that, he’s … Jim!

  10. Yes I got the coccyx bit ok – but lets be honest, Sir Roger is worth more than a lot of the deadwood in Parliament we already have. Wouldn’t you want all our MPs to have the conviction and courage as he does no matter what their politics?

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