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Tomorrow’s ad – and three rejects


I think the above would have made a popular billboard, but the party had higher priorities.

Maybe it’s not too late to sell it to the Exclusive Brethren. 🙂

Below, two competing ideas for the final day full page press ad tomorrow.

The first uses John Campbell’s idea from the TV3 debate of stacking up children’s building blocks into towers.

The aim was to counter the main threat to ACT: people thinking they needed to vote National to get rid of Labour.

Of course they don’t. It’s not the number of your blocks, but the size of your bloc that counts.

I’m a bit worried that we’re not going with this.


The party decided it was more important to emphasise the symbolic cup of tea between John and Rodney.

This sent the signal to National voters to give Rodney their party votes in Epsom, and to ACT supporters round the country that it’s safe to vote ACT. 

Newspapers being about news, I thought we should feature several relevant facts up big, in case people didn’t read any further from the headline.

These facts are that Rodney’s safe in Epsom, that ACT doesn’t need 5% to make it back, and that there are three big policies that ACT will drive a hard bargain on if ACT holds the balance of power.


But after much debate, the guys in Auckland decided to go with the following simpler approach, challenging the voter and leaving the detail to the body copy…


What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s ad – and three rejects

  1. Number three. But it’s a close call. Four has the call to action, but misses the point that all ACT votes count. People don’t understand that really.

    And by the way, it’s nice to be in an election year where we’re no longer talking about the disappearance of the ACT party.

  2. I like them all, obviously the 4th one seems to be simplified for even the slower of the voters. The problem isn’t the every day voter but getting through the thick skulls of the Nats who will always two tick because they don’t get MMP or are too pig headed to give their vote to somebody else.

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