Global warming, Lord Monckton

Man of the Year: Lord Monckton


The inconvenient truth about An Inconvenient Truth is that it contains 35 highly inconvenient untruths.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always been a global warming  sceptic. On the contrary.

I was so impressed by Al Gore’s movie I suggested to then-Opposition leader Don Brash that he make it his urgent mission to watch it.

The bit that stuck in my mind was Gore needing a cherry picker to reach the top of his ‘hockey stick’ graph of steeply rising temperatures.

This was Al’s dramatic way of showing that the globe was now  much,  much warmer than it had ever been before. 

I was also moved by the plight of the polar bears, which Al said were  drowning because their iceberg homes were melting from under them.

And of the people of Tuvalu, who Al said were flooding into New Zealand as rising tides flooded their homes. 

Al said a lot of things like that. And I believed him. Why would he lie?

Then friends started to tell me why. And to send me the evidence. Seems Al lies quite a lot. (Maybe because he’s well on his way to becoming the world’s first carbon billionaire.)

A lot of that evidence was exposed by the man you see above.

If you’ve been following the global warming debate in the biased left-wing New Zealand media, you’ve probably never heard of him.

If you’re Al Gore, you spend much of your time running away from challenges to debate him.

He calls himself Christopher Monckton, or Lord Monckton, or the 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, or just plain M of B, depending on his mood.

I call him a one-man peer review process.

One of the things the peer reviewed was Al’s movie. He found that it contained no fewer than 35 lies.

He put a sample of nine in front of a British judge. And the judge banned An Inconvenient Truth from British schools until those untruths had been corrected.

Among Al Gore’s 35 lies, the revelations that:

  1. Sea levels will not be rising 6 metres any century soon.
  2. Pacific islands are not drowning (though the tide gauges in Tuvalu do show that sea level has risen over the last 50 years – by the thickness of a human hair).
  3. Polar bears are not dying – their numbers have increased five-fold since 1940.
  4. Carbon dioxide does not drive temperature – temperature rises precede rises in carbon dioxide by 800 – 2800 years.
  5. Hurricanes are not getting stronger.
  6. Hurricane Katrina was not caused by global warming.
  7. Global warming does not spread diseases like malaria, dengue fever, avian flu, Ebola or SARS – though cold weather can.
  8. Global warming is not melting the snows of Kilimanjaro.

 And so on – 35 in all.

And on top of all that was the revelation that the hallowed ‘hockey stick’ graph – the most potent symbol of the global warming movement – had been doctored to exclude the Medieval Warming Period.

The MWP was a time when vines grew in England, Greenland really was green, and things were quite a bit warmer than they are now. 

Since there were no belching smokestacks in the Middle Ages, it’s likely the world warmed from natural causes then – and is doing so now. 

The captain of the ‘hockey team’ was Dr Michael Mann, one of the lead IPCC scientists later to feature in the ClimateGate email leak from the University of East Anglia.

Now he and the UN’s other top climate scientists are on the run, exposed for engaging in political fraud in the interests of the socialist green movement.

The public are lining up with the sceptics in enough numbers to put pressure on their politicians to give up their ruinous schemes to fix the unfixable – as any attempt to control the climate surely is.

For the $45 trillion those politicians wish to siphon from the pockets of their citizens to achieve a minuscule decrease in world temperatures that will have no effect whatsoever on climate, these insane leaders could cure AIDS, malaria and most of the genuine problems of the planet.

For bringing these facts to our attention, the world owes a huge debt to those scientists and journalists who, in the manner of all proper scientists, are proud to call themselves sceptics. 

Among them:

  • New Zealand’s Ian Wishart and Bob Carter
  • Australians Andrew Bolt, Jo Nova and Ian Plimer
  • Britain’s Lord Nigel Lawson and James Delingpole
  • America’s Richard Lindzen and Bjorn Lomborg     
  • Canada’s Ian McKitrick and Steven McIntyre. 

But the man to whom we owe the greatest debt is this aristocratic former science adviser to Margaret Thatcher, the man the warmmongers try to dismiss as ‘the potty peer’ – but won’t be seen dead debating.

Such is his knowledge of the science and his gift for distilling it into words ordinary folk can understand, no scientist will appear on the same stage with him.

Gore protects himself from him with a team of thugs and PR minders.

No one cuts through to the public like Monckton. He’s not just a clear and persuasive writer, he’s also a brilliant public speaker.

His recent speech in St Paul demolished Gore’s Climate Scientology doctrine line by line and lie by lie. I suggest you watch all 96 minutes of it.

Coming as it did just weeks before Copenhagen, it served to wake up the American people to the red-green movement’s frighteningly real agenda: using environmentalism to create a communistic world government.

(To New Zealand’s great shame, our former prime minister is donkey-deep in this cause, and our present one is following meekly in her footsteps, perhaps hoping for a role in the world government at the end of his term.)

And so it seems to me that Lord Christopher Monckton has done more than any other single climate crusader to lead the world  away from economic ruin in the name of envirosocialism. He’s the Winston Churchill of the climate war.

If the Nobel committee wasn’t so corrupt, we could rely on it to take back the prize it prematurely bestowed upon Al Gore and give it to Monckton.

At 11.59pm on 31 December 2009, with the developed world still relatively free, I can think of no better person to nominate as my Man of the Year than the man who did so much to preserve that freedom: Christopher Monckton.

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