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Guest poet at Thistle Inn tonight

The Thistle InnTonight (Monday) I have the honour of giving Wellington’s most recent poetry performance at the city’s oldest pub, The Thistle Inn in Mulgrave Street.

The Thistle dates all the way back to Wellington’s founding year, 1840.

There it is below in 1865 (the two-storeyed building) shortly before being fire-damaged in 1866.

These days the pub is separated from the sea by the railway yards and the Cake Tin. But before the 1876 reclamation, sailors could make a quick dash from the bar to their boats if need be.

One of my fellow poets is a descendant of Te Rauparaha, who by all accounts used to pull up his waka and enjoy a drink there.

The NZ Poetry Society hold their meetings upstairs from 7.30 – 9.30pm on the second Monday of every month, and they’ve asked me to be February’s  guest poet.

That’s good of them, given that I don’t exactly fit the poet stereotype.  My style is more silly verse a la Milligan and Ogden Nash.

I love the challenge of trying to create perfect rhymes without using my poetic licence and disrupting the flow of the story. Not easy, but good when it works.

Why not come down for a pint and a laugh? Better still, bring a poem and read in the open mic session that kicks off the evening.

Not sure how many will come given that the meeting is being promoted as the NZ Poetry Society’s January meeting 🙂


2 thoughts on “Guest poet at Thistle Inn tonight

  1. John, I enjoyed your performance last night. Please send me your e-mail address, because I would like to send you 1) Dr. Seuss’s view of the Copenhagen Climate Conference and 2) a description of Douglas Hofstadter’s book on translating poetry, “Le ton beau de Marot: in praise of the music of language”.

    Nice to meet you last night, Lincoln. There’s always a small group in every audience who seem to be particularly enjoying things, and last night that was you.

    You must be a Tom Lehrer nut, cos I saw you mouthing the lyrics to “I have a friend in Minsk who has a friend in Pinsk…” while I was singing. Next time I’ll hire you as my prompt.

  2. John, your poetry readings last night were a treat. Thank you for superb entertainment and insight. You are a truly talented writer and performer and you deserve a much bigger audience. The Festival of the Arts does not have to go off shore in search of performers when there’s the likes of J A already here!

    Thanks Suzanne. A real pleasure to perform in front of you.

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