Peter Jackson, Wellington, Wellywood

Welly, where’s your sense of humour?


Too many Wellingtonians are reacting like humourless bores to the plan to erect a Wellywood sign at the entrance to Miramar.

Come on folks, don’t be so meanspirited!

Think what Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and their team of filmic visionaries have done for our city.

Think about the loyalty shown by Jackson in insisting that Hollywood must come to his suburb, thus singlehandedly transforming Miramar into the world’s most unlikely movie mecca.

Think about the marketing value of crystallising that status into one whimsical word, and displaying that word to visitors.

Most of all, let’s show our fellow Kiwis that the wind hasn’t blown away our sense of humour.

I struck the same attitude when, in a letter to the editor, I christened our cosy little stadium the Cake Tin. What a fuss that still causes.

But as I pointed out then, this is a city where a Parliament building is called the Beehive, the cricket ground the Basin, and an old toilet block (now a Welsh restaurant) was known by all as the Taj Mahal.

In other words, quirky nicknames are part of our heritage. So let’s build on the tradition!

I hope Kerry Prendergast has the good sense to show leadership on this issue and override the kneejerk blurtings of the curmudgeons.

4 thoughts on “Welly, where’s your sense of humour?

  1. Quirky like tooting horns going through Mt Vic tunnel. What a bunch of sad sacks. Anyone would think they were being asked to pay for it.

    Lindsay, it’s a wonder we attract any creative people at all with so many tall-poppy-loppers around.

    As for the tunnel tooters, my Airport Shuttle driver was sounding off at them as we drove through on Sunday. I somehow omitted to tell him I’ve done my share of honking over the years, and still do.

  2. Well you and I (and the rest of the world) seem to have different criteria for what a sense of humour is. Would any of these *cough* crowds of tourists whom they imagine will visit Wellington get the joke? of course not, they’d see us as a bunch of puerile bumpkins. The joke will be on us.

    And just because Jackson has made some money for the city doesn’t mean he’s allowed to inflict his bad taste on us. Do you think he did it for free in the spirit of charity? if he was doing it for the city why is it so self-congratulating? whether he’s successful or an overrated hack, he has no right to go against the public consensus like this.

    Never fear, if they’re stupid enough to still put up this pathetic sign it won’t be up for long.

    Have you ever said anything positive about anything?

  3. So you’re suggesting we change the name of the city to Wellywood?

    Well, if we do that, then we can have the sign.

    The current one is an evil Colonial imposition after all =)

    Where did I say anything about changing the city’s name? Wellywood is simply a quirky way of recognizing the great contribution to our city made by Peter Jackson. The curmudgeonly reactions of the usual blogosphere malcontents suggest we probably don’t deserve him.

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