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Rudd pushes Aussie ETS back 3 years. Key’s Big New Tax due inside 3 months.

Australia’s left-wing Labor PM has just put off their ETS for at least three years.

Meanwhile our left-wing National PM – who says he’s ambitious for New Zealand and claims he wants to catch up with Australian living standards – will be punishing his people with an ETS inside three months.

Rudd’s backdown shows the power of new Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s campaign against “The Big New Tax”.

What a shame New Zealand doesn’t have an Opposition.

If we did, it could put a climate change invoice for $3000 in every letterbox, complete with a few basic facts about the real science of climate change.

Then the public would know what the sceptics know, and the ETS would be a red-hot election issue.

Wanted: one Opposition.

Note: according to the Doomsdayers who love to terrify our children (which includes many warmmongers), the world is going to end in December 2012. Is Rudd’s 2013 deadline just his subtle way of telling the faithful that the ETS is off for good?


6 thoughts on “Rudd pushes Aussie ETS back 3 years. Key’s Big New Tax due inside 3 months.

  1. John,

    You are dead on!

    NZ does not have a democratic government because the ruling party always has absolute power.

    I believe at least two essential things could mitigate that for us.

    1. An upper house. Such as the one in Australia which saved the Australian public from Kevin Rudd’s ETS scheme.

    2. A replacement of the current income tax method which currently simply takes money from the taxpayer with no commitment on where it will be spent.

    Ideally every taxpayer should be billed at the end of the month for his income tax contribution. Should make it hilarious on the collection side but at least everyone would feel the pain of paying tax which PAYE avoids.

    Seriously though, income tax, however it is collected, should be replaced by a series of levies for specific sectors. Examples would be a Law and Order levy that can only spent on police and justice, a levy for running parliament, a levy for running the railroad etc.If the government wanted to increase spending on one sector, they would need to ask the public if they can raise the appropriate levy. So therefore they could raise a climate change levy IF the public give their consent.

    Now there is democracy in the making!



    Roger, you might also check out Amy Brooke’s campaign for Swiss-style direct democracy

    You’ll recognise the site design too 🙂

  2. Well ACT is trying to voice an alternative point of view. ACT campaigned to Dump the ETS in 2008. Rodney Hide has been quite vociferous about the whole thing being a hoax. Now John Boscawen is leading the charge to Dump the ETS. You can learn more at 6:30pm on the Wednesday 12th of May 2010 at the Conference Room, Thistle Hotel, Mulgrave Street, Wellington. Come along and help ACT fight this dopey tax.

    Thanks Dave. I was wondering when John’s campaign would get to Wellington. See you there.

    I went to Bob Carter’s book launch at Parliament the other night – what a great advocate he is.

    No rational person seeing his evidence could maintain a belief in global warming, and I’m sure John’s talk will be just as convincing.

    The challenge, though, is to put that evidence in front of ordinary people where they live. Sadly they do not live at meetings.

    Maybe the meeting should be in the Thistle’s public bar 🙂

  3. John,

    I am actually in Christchurch, but if John comes here I will most certainly give him my support.



    PS thanks for the endorsements.:)

  4. John Boscawen is actually going to Christchurch Roger. On Tuesday 11 May at the Heaton Normal Intermediate School, 125 Heaton Street, Merivale at 7.30 pm

  5. Full list over at No Minister.

    Changing the election system won’t fix the problem. The problem is in the Rules of the House.
    how could 117 supposedly rational men and women of different political belief’s all vote in a single minded way on the issue of youth rates. Only by force. oh its called whipping and was clearly a tribal stouch aimed at ACT.
    Remove whipping for anything other than confidence and supply and include a secret vote for all MP’s. Remove the money power of the Party and ensure MP’s actually reflect what their constituents of all walks of life actually want.

  6. John,
    I took your suggestion on looking up Amy Brooke’s site.

    I also read a little about the Swiss government structure
    I note that they have a constitution and two houses in the legislature.
    I like the way that governmental power is devolved down to the individual districts (cantons) and beyond.
    It is incredible that they can run 7 million people with a federal government of only 7 portfolios and many of the office holders are only part time.
    Makes you wonder about the waste of time (and tax payers money) in our own single house parliament.
    I have advocated for a long time that we should replace our list MPs with elected representatives from local government districts (as opposed to current electorate districts) who would form an upper house (or senate) and their primary task would be to scrutinise spending, quality and appropriateness of legislation as put forth by the lower (current) house. (Sadly it would take people of generally better calibre than current list members.)
    However this would be a significant devolution of power for our government of today and although not as great as that of Switzeerland, I believe this is what the country of New Zealand needs.

    Thank goodness Australia has a Senate which restrained successfully the excesses of the Rudd Government and killed their ETS proposal!



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