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The IPCC Chairman’s New Clothes

RogerfromNewZealand has a very clear and interesting site called Global Warming (or is it Global Cooling?).

It brings together most of the main points of the scam in a way that’s easy to follow.

He even has an offshoot site devoted to debunking the debunkers of the deniers. (I think I got that right!) 

Roger’s version of The Emperor’s New Clothes, above, definitely goes in my “Wish I’d thought of that” file.

I’ve long thought the Hans Christian Anderson story (ironically written in Copenhagen) was the perfect analogy for global warming and other scams.

Roger’s reasons for each character’s inclusion are well worth a read.


4 thoughts on “The IPCC Chairman’s New Clothes

  1. And what is anyone doing about the NZ ETS? Nothing apart from the ACT Party. Through Rodney Hide and, now, John Boscawen, ACT is pushing the NZ Govt to delay the ETS – in fact ACT campaigned in 2008 to dump the damn thing.

    So only the ACT Party is campaigning to stop this crap. Don’t forget that when prices are skyrocketing and the economy is tanking, ACT was the only party trying to stop the ETS and all of this climate change bulls**t. Vote ACT in 2011 to Dump the ETS.

  2. Hi John,

    I uncovered a couple of papers which severely contradict the current recent historical estimates of CO2 concentrations.

    If you have time please check out these two links.
    I think there are the makings of a great article there, what do you think?

    I have discovered a few other papers which compliment the above as well.

    Anyway you write better than I so please have a look at them.



    Thanks Roger. I’m not qualified to pass an opinion on this, and would need a clear summary before I’d feel confident about understanding it, let alone distilling it.

    What about running it past Bob Carter or Vincent Gray or one of those guys?

    They’d be able to offer a professional opinion about whether it’s a big deal – or put you on to the most credible expert.

    It does look interesting though.

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