Catherine Delahunty

Green MP would find Stone Age tools unsustainable


On Backbenchers last week, Green MP Catherine Delahunty (below) was asked what she’d do if she found there was $100 million worth of gold buried beneath her private property.

She replied that she’d plant a garden.

Because gardens are sustainable.

As David Farrar points out, Ms Delahunty opposes all forms of mining, not just gold.

So to describe the Greens as Luddites would appear, at least in Catherine’s case, to be very unfair.

To the Luddites.

This eco-warriorwoman would seem to favour rewinding civilisation 43,000 years — to before the first paleolithic flint mines.

Now for your average Stone Ager, life was no picnic at the best of times. But take away his trusty flint adze and he’d be well and truly at the mercy of the Earth Mother.

(Or Catherine, as she’d surely become known.)

As for the comparatively modern 5,000 year old Bronze Age family above, in a Delahunty world, their sword, spearhead and arrow tips would be outlawed as unsustainable.

Bang goes their defence capability.

City made of pots by Zhan Wang

And the lady of the house can forget about doing any cooking in those new-fangled bronze pots.

For alas, bronze  does not grow on trees. It’s made by mixing a smidgen of naturally-occurring tin with nine smidgens of naturally-occurring copper.

All of which must be — sorry to have to break this to you — mined.

If Bronze Agers would struggle to do without mined metal, how is modern man supposed to cope?

Or is modern man the last thing the Greens are concerned about?


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