Kevin Dunkley at Exhibitions Gallery till Saturday

I Caught My First Fish On That Wharf
Just Another One of Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer
After a Quick Dip in the Tide, it was Time for Some Market Research and to Stoke Up the Embers

I think of my friend Kevin Dunkley as the Eternal Teenager.

Or as Kiwi Kev, the quintessential New Zealand character.

(Which is someone who’d never say quintessential.)

In the 80s, Kevin and I were a team on the ICI account at Colenso Communications. 

One year, we got an award for an ad about a kiwifruit spray called Attack.

The brief: tell growers that kiwifruit sprayed with Attack can now be sold in Japan.

Our solution: a full page ad with the huge headline: Japanese Approve Attack on Kiwis. (Would have worked even better in the 40s.)

These days, Kevin’s getting a big name as a painter of these wonderfully nostalgic scenes of idyllic Kiwi summers.

They bring back fond memories for former kids of a certain age.

I well remember having a two-tone Mark II like the one above, and spending weekends in a caravan just like that old blue one.  

I love Kevin’s hard-case titles too. Most wouldn’t make a lot of sense anywhere else:

Sal Was As Rough As Guts. But He Made The Best Greasies In The World.

We Used To Tell Everyone We Had Been Up To The Boohai Shooting Pukekos.

After A Few Hours Of Yacking With Ted, It Was Time To Rattle Our Dags.

The titles are so much a part of his paintings I suggested he put them somewhere visible.

So at his last exhibition, he wrote the titles on bits of corrugated iron and dangled them from the paintings on hooks.

Until Saturday, you can Kevin’s work at the Simply The Best exhibition at Exhibitions Gallery in Featherston Street.

I see After a Quick Dip… sold before the exhibition even opened.

So get in quick before every old beach bunny discovers this national treasure, and his prices start going through the roof.

If you miss the exhibition but still want to invest in a Dunkley (or check out more paintings like the above), go here.


One thought on “Kevin Dunkley at Exhibitions Gallery till Saturday

  1. Jeepers John, I’m humbled. Bit closer to a bucket list than a teenager though.

    Thanks mate, totally unexpected. Ron is bringing unseen paintings out next week and hanging them in the gallery. He couldn’t change them in his ’28 of the best’ exhibition now showing as each artist could only have one piece on display. There are so many neat artist’s work on the walls right now

    Ahhhh, nostalgia. Certainly not like it used to be.

    Hope my little plug has some effect. No one captures the Kiwi summer quite the way you can.

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