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Leftist UN appoints leftist PM to absolve club-wielding leftist peace activists

So the UN thinks a former NZ Labour PM is the ideal neutral party to investigate the Israeli clash with the so-called peace activists off Gaza.

As they say in Tel Aviv, כן, בטח  (yeah right).

Could Ban Ki-moon’s promotion of Sir Geoffrey Palmer have anything to do with another former New Zealand PM not a million miles from his office?

Because we know her views on the Israelis and Palestinians, don’t we?

Clue: here’s a 2005 photo of her former foreign minister and successor Phil Goff getting unusually chummy with former PLO leader and Black September terrorist group founder (think Munich 1972) Yasser Arafat.

Let’s hope fellow Labourite Sir Geoffrey will be sufficiently impartial to ask why the Mavi Marmara was carrying peace activists like these:

Ahmad Umimon — Hamas operative.

Ken O’Keefe — Hamas operative. Tried to enter the Gaza Strip to form and train a commando unit.

Hassan Iynasi — Financial supporter of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization.

Hussein Urosh — Activist in the IHH organization. On his way to Gaza to help smuggle Al-Qaeda operatives into the Strip.

Fatimah Mahmadi — Active member of “Viva Palestine.” Tried to smuggle forbidden electronic components into Gaza.

Thanks to Kiwi in America via Kiwiblog for the link.

I note David Farrar’s more generous view of Sir Geoffrey’s appropriateness. But in politics, perception is everything.

And that means no matter how expert in maritime law our former PM may be, and no matter how impeccable his integrity, his link to a party that’s so shamelessly partisan is bound to cast doubt on any judgement he may make against Israel.


2 thoughts on “Leftist UN appoints leftist PM to absolve club-wielding leftist peace activists

  1. John, Are you sure that’s Palmer?

    No, that’s Phil Goff. I’ve amended the post to make that clearer.

    Admittedly, it’s a little harder to imagine Sir Geoff locked in any kind of embrace with Yasser Arafat, but perception is everything. And the perception is: Labour = anti-Israel.

  2. lol. It was too late.. and cold, tired neurons were working. Or not as was the case. The photo was a great ‘find’ by the way.

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