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To socialist-pessimists from capitalist-optimists: Cheer up!

A word to all you red-green (and, of late, yellow) malcontents who infest the comments section of this blog with your relentless nit-picking and overweaning planetary pessimism.

Whether you like it or not, guys, (and I know you don’t), you are members of a species with a stellar record of problem-solving.

I’m very sorry to have to say that, but the optimists among us (AKA capitalists) just keep dreaming up ways to make our lives better and better.

Including yours. Have you noticed? I guess not. It’s not really in your interests to look.

Despite the best efforts of communism and socialism (which I call Applied Pessimism), not to mention eco-pessimism (Applied Pessimism for Profit), things are getting better on this planet all the time.

If you think it’s not, ask yourself: which time and place in history would you like to be transported back to? (When some clever capitalist develops the inevitable time machine, I’m sure that can be arranged.)

When you’re back there in your colonial house or pre-colonial whare, liberated from annoyances like electricity and motor cars and vaccines and flush toilets — as you contemplate your new-found squalor and imminent demise — you may start to feel that life in the 21st century wasn’t so bad after all.

You may be forced to concede that all those gizmos you used to take for granted came to you via the evil capitalist Industrial Revolution and the fertile minds of geniuses with incentives.

As we speak, all over the Third World, that same reprehensible system of market capitalism is lifting millions out of poverty in former socialist-pessimist societies like China and India. 

Like it or not, capitalism has been doing this now for 200 years. Have a look at Hans Rosling’s beautiful moving graph of the Health and Wealth of Nations and you’ll see which nations have gone ahead the fastest — and which haven’t.

And you’ll see that all nations are healthier than they were in 1800. And all but a few corrupt African basket cases are wealthier.

You can’t stand the idea of that, can you? Especially as all your doomsday prophesies never quite complete the journey from wishful theory to reality.

The history of Western civilisation in recent times has been one of relentless, inspiring and beneficial progress.

Yet always you gloom-mongers would have us believe that all we hold dear is about to collapse.

Either it’s our economic system, or our health, or the computer system, or the climate and life as we know it.

The disgraceful thing is how you’re quite happy to frighten the children to further your goals.

But you don’t frighten the grown-ups. That’s because people who’ve been round the clock a few times recognise your tactics. We’ve noticed how most of these scares can be avoided with the payment of a large amount of money to some socialist cause.

Meanwhile society, fueled by capitalism fueled by optimism, advances regardless of your wishes. The rich get richer. And so, as long as their governments aren’t corrupt, do the poor.

So how about dropping your absurd addiction to socialism-pessimism and drink to the good times (ie the last 200 years)?

Your latest crisis of convenience is global warming. Sadly for you, many, if not most, people now agree this is an eco-socialist-pessimist plot to transport us en-masse back to your colonial house.

That’s because, despite all the efforts of the socialist brainwashing factory that purports to be the state education system, these people have somehow retained the capacity for joined-up thinking. You should try it.

Instead of creating diversions and parroting the party line about whether Monckton is qualified to make the sense he makes, how about doing the unthinkable and thinking for yourselves?

Yes I know it sounds an odd thing to suggest.

But how about actually watching his debate with Tim Lambert and making up your own mind?

You can do it in the privacy of your own home, so the Church of Climate Scientology doesn’t have to know.

And you don’t have to worry that Tim doesn’t hold your end up, because he does. He argues his case well. You may even conclude that he won the debate. Or you may be persuaded by Monckton. That’s what an open mind is for.

So have a look. Assess them both on their merits. With your eyepatch off.

And afterwards, if you feel like it, tell me what you thought.

Meantime, I’m raising my glass (which is a lot more than half-full) to my ingenious species and the continued success of capitalism-optimism. 

Tip for right-wing political marketers everywhere:

Our philosophy of freedom and free markets is, above all, the philosophy of optimism. So: own it. Move voters 5% to the right by embracing optimism and optimists as the antidote to socialism and pessimists.

(Note to Nats: optimism does not mean managing socialism with a smile. :-))

8 thoughts on “To socialist-pessimists from capitalist-optimists: Cheer up!

  1. Great post….Judge Holden Et El will screech in horror and slither back under their rocks at the mere thought of it being correct….the poor dears. 😉

    JA: I expect the Judge to blither on, not slither back.

  2. Sunshine and lollypops! Climate change is a hoax because capitalism is so jolly! Can I have some of what your on?

    “Instead of creating diversions and parroting the party line about whether Monckton is qualified to make the sense he makes, how about doing the unthinkable and thinking for yourselves?”

    Yet you let Monckton do your thinking for you. And he’s making gravy from telling fibs. Follow your own advice.

    JA: I do. I keep an open mind. First, perhaps naively, I believed Gore. Now I’m persuaded by Monckton. If you can persuade me that Monckton is wrong — and there’s plenty of criticism of his critics as well, in case you don’t know — then I’ll be happy to become a card-carrying warmist.

    My advice to you remains the same: watch the debate. (Which is an argument with logic and two sides.)

  3. Wonder if he will make as much gravy as Al Gore made from the
    other side of the fence….. dont think so

    JA: You mean Mr Gore of the San Francisco waterfront address that is soon to be annexed by the Pacific Ocean?

  4. Good article. It is very true. Its not just the technological aspects or healthcare or wealth, the capitalist model so far has given the world systems of government that work. Not everyone is a leader, but then not everyone wishes to be a follower. Whether it be constitutional monarchies or presidential republics, people can aspire to be at the top or bottom (please don’t open the debate about royalty however as that is a different topic altogether. At least the average person can aspire to be Prime Minister).

    [JA: And become Prime Minister. :-)]

    However, unfortunately there is a however, as a species we need to be mindful of the resources we consume, which capitalism unfortunately can exhaust quite quickly. If there can be safeguards to the world’s resources then everyone should be happy.

    [JA: I agree. And of course the eco-catastrophism industry has a long history of exaggerating every downside of capitalism, including resource consumption. So the challenge is to somehow make sure that the information that produces those safeguards is accurate? The United Nations is too full of eco-catastrophists to be trusted, so who?]

    I like optimism. Its kind of like hope, which every one of us needs.

    [JA: But of course optimism needs to go hand in hand with honesty and a genuine ambition for the country. Key-style fake optimism doesn’t cut it.

  5. The greatest resource is the human mind. there’s a whole universe out there we can explore and mine for stuff…..

    JA: Correct James. And no country proves that better than Singapore. Its only resources are human, and its GDP grew at 7% a year for the last 50 years. As opposed to our 1% in a country with the second highest resources per capita to Saudi Arabia.

    Not sure of the figure for Australia, but it will be nothing like 7% – despite them actually using their non-human resources.

    Oh and which country produced the man who took the world out into the universe you mention: New Zealand (Pickering). We can do anything. But first we have to want to.

  6. Ah the myth of Progress. Stiglitz debunked all these “Hans diagrams” 4 years ago. And of course all that progress is grounded on a debt over..wait for it…. 900 billion times greater than its value.

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