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Monckton, Greenpeace, NASA and Nazis

This is a good video to watch if you want a quick insight into the sceptic side of the global warming debate.

You’ll see clips from The Great Global Warming Swindle, the movie featuring Greenpeace founder-turned-sceptic Patrick Moore, NASA scientist Roy Spencer and other eminent sceptics.

Then in the middle you’ll see Lord Christopher Monckton completely monstering (with logic) a noisy gang of young Climate Scientologists who were silly enough to  disrupt his Copenhagen meeting.

Seizing upon the parallel with the bullying tactics of the Hitler Youth in the same city, he quickly gained a global audience by describing them as such.

When a Jewish member of the gang objects, Monckton front foots like a true Thatcherite. He tells the offended heckler that if he and his mates ares going to behave like the Hitler Youth, he’s going to keep calling him that.

(What a shame Monckton isn’t the Lord Mayor of London right now.)

This is all great sport, but in amongst it all is Monckton’s point:

Although these young hecklers are rude rather than murderous, There is a very real parallel between the green movement and evil regimes like the Nazis.

And that is the huge number of deaths from starvation being caused by food shortages, caused by rising food prices, caused by the conversion of food crops to biofuel.

The greenies never have an answer to that one. I made this little ad about it:

This is the way to defeat the Left. Tell the graphic truth about how their pathological stupidity invariably hurts the people they make such a play of pretending to care about.

I want to start a ‘teach tank’ to put ads like this in front of the public.

Right-wing politicians have tried to bust the media blockade, but failed. Ads like this will  cut through. If the media won’t run them, we just plaster them on poster sites.

They needn’t be big ads, but they do need to be plentiful, and regular. There are so many issues to cover. 

Such a campaign, from a brand that becomes trusted for its clarity, will change the polarity of politics.

Now, who wants to fund it?


6 thoughts on “Monckton, Greenpeace, NASA and Nazis

  1. “I want to start a ‘teach tank’ to put ads like this in front of the public.”

    You’re not really talking about teaching, so much as using highly simplistic and misleading statements accompanied by images designed to elicit an emotional response in place of reason and logic. The tactic of someone who doesn’t have facts on his side. It’s a “right wing version of truth” I suppose. Of course, this sort of thing has been done before…

    JA: So how do you bat off my biofuels poster?

  2. It’s a highly simplistic and misleading statement accompanied by an image designed to elicit an emotional response in place of reason and logic. The tactic of someone who doesn’t have facts on his side.

    I just explained that.

    JA: You didn’t explain anything. I invite you to do so now. Why is that poster wrong?

  3. Where did you get the photo from? How old is it? How does it relate to the text?

    The implication that a doubling in food prices (over what period?) was the sole cause of a famine and is/was entirely due to biofuel production which was caused solely by policies to combat climate change is false. As is the statement that climate science is based on lies. It’s based on well-established laws of physics.

    JA: As usual, lots of questions for me, but no answers from you.

  4. Really? That’s your response? Obfuscation and dissembling is not a substitute for reason. Sorry chief.

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