Arthur Scargill, David Cameron, Lord Monckton, Margaret Thatcher

What would Maggie have done with the rioters?

After the pathetic response by British authorities to the riots, I can’t help wonder what Margaret Thatcher would have done in David Cameron’s shoes.

A lot more than talk tough, I bet.

She’d have had those watercannons and rubber bullets on the streets faster than you could say Arthur Scargill.

This is what she said at the time of the miners’ strike:

“What we have got is an attempt to substitute the rule of the mob for the rule of law, and it must not succeed. It must not succeed. There are those who are using violence and intimidation to impose their will on others who do not want it. The rule of law must prevail over the rule of the mob.”

And again, casting the miners as unpatriotic:

“We had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands. We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty”.

By the way, did you know Scargill’s strike was funded by the KGB?

After his Wellington talk, Lord Monckton was telling us about his time with Thatcher, and how the government were tracking Scargill travelling round the Soviet Union collecting money and instructions.


4 thoughts on “What would Maggie have done with the rioters?

  1. No surprise on the KGB thing…they played the useful idiots in the West like a fine tuned violin….indeed some are still vibrating.

  2. “Lord Monckton was telling us about his time with Thatcher, and how the government were tracking Scargill travelling round the Soviet Union collecting money and instructions.”

    The funny thing about that is that you obviously believed him. You have an odd standard for the establishment of (the right wing version of) truth. Basically if Monckton (a proven liar) says it, or some random anonymous person says something handy, it’s gospel.

    JA: Proven by proven liars is not proven in my book. People who try to have someone damned as a liar for making a joke about being a Nobel Prize winner is not to be trusted.

    The Soviets funding the British miners is not a secret – you can see it on Wikipedia. He would not have told us if it had not long ago been made public.

    And do you ask for forensic proof when you uncritically accept the word of Gore, the IPCC, Greenpeace and the Greens. We believe what makes sense to us from our assessment of the evidence. That’s all we can do.

  3. When he first claimed he was a Nobel Laureate Monckton wasn’t joking (look it up). He’s since tried to pass it off as such. He’s not joking when he says he’s a Member of the House of Lords, or that he was Thatcher’s Science Adviser. Both lies. His AGW lies and lies about DDT for example have been exposed by John Abraham and others.

    What you believe appears to have nothing to do with an assessment of what makes sense, but rather what’s handy for the promotion of right wing ideology.

    JA: And you uncritically believe John Abraham? Surely not. Surely you must have done a lengthy forensic peer-reviewed (don’t you love that phrase?) examination of his evidence to justify your belief? Or do you just believe him because he’s from a university – like so many of the enemies of the West?

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