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How we make the news in Aussie these days

The Tasman wage gap, which John Key once pretended to want to close, is also a poverty gap.

Here’s how it’s being reported in Australia. 

Of course, setting the poverty line at 60% of median income is a typical lefty linguistic trick. 

Poverty is starvation. Being only 60% as rich as the averge person is envy.

Still, relative to 30 other First World nations, New Zealand’s performance is shameful:

20th for children living in poor households

21st for infant mortality

29th for measles immunisation rates

29th for child health and safety

3oth for teen suicides.

Thanks Ross for sending me this clipping.


2 thoughts on “How we make the news in Aussie these days

  1. The problem is that there are a lot of dysfunctional people who can’t look after themselves or use contraception. The answer is not to spend more money on them, but to make contraception a condition of ongoing welfare eligibility. There are temporary birth control shots that could be offered every three months. It would be part of the reciprocal obligation created by accepting state payments while seeking employment.

  2. And yet they seem so intent on driving us deeper into the hole. Why cant they see that when people are allowed to thrive the country thrives with them?

    Instead they bring in more taxes and raise GST, create more compliance costs, pay millions on settlement claims, develop suppressive environmental regulations that we have to pay for, force businesses to pay higher wages to youth and pay towards Kiwi Saver then turn around and tax that too even when they said they wouldn’t, reduce youth employment, prevent parents from disciplining their children, (and I just hear on the news tonight a Coroner recommends spot checking households for child abuse!) allow the sale of mind altering drugs and party pills, reduce the youth drinking age . . and the list could just go on and on.

    In my opinion, poverty is not just about the lack of financial wealth. It is also the state of a societies collective mind and emotions.

    New Zealanders are really struggling but the issues go beyond money.

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