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Ad that Dom banned cleared by ASA

My ACT ad that contained 40 statements of fact has been cleared by the Advertising Standards Authority.


The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected a complaint about ACT’s controversial “Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?” newspaper advertisement.

Twelve people argued the advert was “misleading, offensive, racist, in breach of the requirement for a due sense of social responsibility and likely to play on fear”.

The ASA said a political party advocating a robust view on matters of public interest allowed the public to see the party’s position. There was no breach of codes and no grounds for the complaints to proceed, it ruled.

Yet the Dominion Post refused to “allow the public to see the party’s position”. 

As a private company, they had the right to ban the ad. (Whether they had the right to charge ACT full price for the space is another matter.)

But the public also has the right to know that the capital’s daily newspaper is politically biased against ACT.

This is the ad that the Herald ran, and the Dom banned:

What sort of democracy do we live in when a monopoly newspaper can be so cravenly politically correct as to ban a question that most of its readers would answer Yes to, backed by 40 true statements?


6 thoughts on “Ad that Dom banned cleared by ASA

  1. The PravdaPost makes no pretence of being interested in democratic debate. I’d have thought that was obvious by now.

    JA: Yet they can be very strong in some areas – such as their staunch editorials against selfish teacher unions. I suspect it’s down to which member of the editorial team is presiding that day.

  2. Really? You jest? The Dompost heap charged
    for an advert banned/not published? If so, be
    good to see a Court Case follow-up, after ACT
    declines to pay the bill. Any publicity is great . . . .

    JA: Unfortunately ACT panicked. Instead of front-footing and turning it into a story, they foolishly got together a pathetic replacement ad calculated to win favour with the Dom.

    So double cowardice. It was when I saw that ad that I confirmed my resignation.

  3. Rex Benson has asked me to post this comment because of computer difficulties:

    The DomPost (rhymes with C…) is extremely sensitive
    about such things.

    I remember a while back one of their writers referred to Ngaio Marsh’s ‘Maori’ detective inspector Roderick Alleyn.

    So I penned a brief letter saying that I had read all but a couple of Marsh’s 30+ detective stories, and that although 3-4 of the tales were set in her native land, there was never any suggestion that Alleyn was a darkly-hued one – he was in fact the brother of an English peer or baronet.

    This letter, which was ever so polite, was not printed, presumably on the grounds that it would have been culturally insensitive to deny the Maoris the right to claim Roderick Alleyn as one of their own!

    I ask you.


  4. So John, the ASA got 12 complaints. Was that the entire debate(?) within the ASA? Was te complaint (te complaint intended) investigated by ASA. Was there “a case to answer”? Did anyone have to answer before ASA said “nothing happening here”?

  5. This ad has BALLS.

    Sadly I get the feeling David Seymour could never authorise this kind of action, today.

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