Earth Hour, Poneke

Poneke’s case for the human race

Poneke launches a trenchant attack on the greenwashing exercise that is Earth Hour:

We humans are not a pestilence on this planet. We should be proud of our achievements – art and science, jet aircraft and vaccination, space travel, computers, electricity, great civilisations, the lifting from poverty of billions of people. We live in the greatest age in human history.

Yet, we are told daily by the media, by the flat-earthers of the “green” movement, by doom-mongers such as the high priests of the global warming industry, that we have destroyed our planet, that we are a plague on the Earth, that we must repent and beg forgiveness by some kind of mix of returning to the caves from which we came millennia ago while simultaneously paying trillions in indulgences to the Russian mafia. Forgive me Father Gaia, for I have flown.

The greenies’ ideal solution to the human problem is presumably some sort of global Jonestown mass suicide.

Two problems there though: finding a suitably toxic yet environmentally-friendly poison; and the blight on the landscape of six billion  rotting corpses.

While decomposition would soon work its magic, leaving behind a boneyard of skeletons could be seen by the Earth Mother as a rather disrespectful parting gift.

Presumably self-immolation would be out because of the carbon emissions.

Burial seems like the most eco-considerate option, with each of us turning the sod on one of our fellow squanderers before lying down in our own grave for a swig of jungle juice.

The last one standing could then perhaps douse themselves with sulphuric acid and jump down a well.

It’s good to have a clean planet, but exaggerating the problem is having an  immense cost, which ordinary New Zealand families will soon be needlessly paying.

Millions of Africans have already died for the green religion, as food crops are used for biofuel, causing food prices to double.

And the greenies have the cheek to claim their (futile) efforts to cool the planet comes at no cost to those who live on it.

Final word to Poneke:

At 8.30pm on Saturday March 27, we are ordered by WWF – the organisation that fabricated the IPCC’s “peer reviewed” claim that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 – to turn off the lights that make our nights so bright and liveable.