Bureaucracy, Kim Chamberlain

65 steps to getting a Ugandan driver’s licence

Our intrepid friends Kim and Jon Chamberlain and family are just coming to the end of an 18 month odyssey in Uganda.

No, Kim and Jon are not missionaries or diplomats or freelance witchdoctors.

In fact, neither of them had a job at all when they arrived. Nor did they have anywhere to live, or schools for their children Jordan and Kira.

They just fancied having a family adventure, and chose as their destination one of the poorest countries on earth. (As you do.)

And sure enough, these incurable optimists have had the time of their lives.

Oh, apart from the odd problem with ants, bats, headless chickens, poisonous snakes, beggars, robbers, bribes, fatal road crashes, malaria, dodgy food, the absence of most goods and services, and their near-electrocution after the hot-wiring of their home by a none-t00-bright sparky-cum-plumber.

Kim is a writer and her blog is well worth a read – especially her battle with Ugandan bureaucracy as she tried to get a local driver’s licence.