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Kiwiblog spoof now real billboard

What began as an idle suggestion by me on Kiwiblog and a quick mockup by Whale Oil has now become a real billboard for the Free Speech Coalition.

It went up this afternoon in Auckland and, weather permitting, Wellington. 

Stay tuned for the Tauranga special 🙂

The bottom line, if you can’t read it, says ‘Authorised as demanded by LabourFirst’s and the Greens’ outrageous assault on free speech by David Farrar of the Free Speech Coalition…”


Hel’s teeth

Remember: this election is about trust 🙂 Below is the original version from 2005. 

I felt old when I had to explain to a 20-year-old office assistant who the cheesy chap on the left was.

When I said Richard Nixon, she replied, “Wasn’t he that actor guy?”

Thanks to the anonymous friend who had the bright idea of replacing Tricky Dicky with Wicked Winnie.


Rodney serves Winston right

Just after the Winston contempt verdict, I put out the call on Kiwiblog for someone to render up this idea. 

Now a journalist has sent me this. It was done by a commenter called willnz.

The head is even better than I’d imagined. (Though as willnz himself says, Rodney would have looked even better in his yellow jacket.)

If you’re reading this willnz, please get in touch. I’ve got a few other concepts you might like to help with!

I hope Rodney and ACT are rewarded for bringing Peters to some sort of justice. Sending this to your  swinging voter friends could help.

Make sure they know that Rodney’s got Epsom in the bag, so every ACT party vote will help drive out LabourFirst and stiffen National’s spine.