Give the rhymes that relieve rheumatics!

Stuck for a funny, original Christmas present?

Now there’s a book you can give to all of your friends and most of your enemies.

I Think The Clouds Are Cotton Wool – Rhymes Committed by John Ansell is 136 pages of loony versal truths, like why Jonah is the perfect name for a flying winger, the meaning of the longest place name in America, and what Fs are worth in Slovenian Scrabble.

The editor of Wellington’s Capital Times said in a review that the book “draws on the English tradition of comic and humorous verse, typified by authors such as Ogden Nash, Alexander Pope and Spike Milligan.”

Prefer your poems straight from the author’s mouth? Then buy John Ansell’s Catalogue of Rhymes, 53 minutes of similar silliness on CD.

These rhymes have been found to have a therapeutic effect, as this Nelson woman testifies:

John’s poetry is a powerful antidote for pain, which I can personally vouch for.


I recently attended a poetry evening at Nelson Library at which John was performing. 


I was in intense pain due to my rheumatoid arthritis, and was considering having to leave. The pain was so bad I had beads of sweat on my forehead, and didn’t know how I was going to cope. I had an overwhelming urge to dig my nails into my friend’s leg to relieve some of the pain.


However, once John started telling his funny stories about the English language and reading his hilarious poetry, I began laughing so much that I had a huge reduction in my pain level, which was amazing and wonderful.


“Poetry for the people, poetry for the pain.”


Margaret A. Fearn, Nelson

Dr Ansell, the Painkiller Poet! The perfect present for all ages, from primers to Zimmers. Do all your Christmas shopping in one click.


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