Rising interest in this blog

I’m not sure what passes for a well-read blog round these parts.

All I know is that the visitor numbers to this one have been growing every day for the past week.

The horizontal lines on this Visitor Stats graph represent 500, 1,000 and 1,500 visits a day.

Yesterday’s total was 1,485 — the most visits I’ve had since my first day of blogging in 2008, when 1,676 tuned in (thanks to a welcome link from David Farrar).

I’ve been an irregular blogger over the years. When I do nothing, I average about 200 visits a day.

Since beginning my Treatygate/Colourblind State posts, those numbers have at least quadrupled.

We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s good to see evidence of rising interest.


12 thoughts on “Rising interest in this blog

  1. You are an asset to the nation. Please keep up the good fight. We need people like you to save this country from going under. Thank you.

    [JA: Thank you. Saving countries isn’t really my core business, so I think it might have to be a team effort. Good to have you on the team. 🙂]

  2. gracielovesme: John is an asset – i agree. But, none of what John wants to achieve can be done without you and our fellow countrymen.

    Make sure you spread the word and get plenty of support on board ready to help this cause gracielovesme.

    We are all leaders in this campaign!

    Hope you pop back in again gracielovesme – would be good to have more of your views and input 🙂

  3. More a saviour than an asset. Someone with John Ansell’s guts and tenacity has been needed for many years – ever since that Griever Irish republican Bolger virtually invited Griever Maori to go for gold inciting them with stories of the Scottish and Irish clearances. Bolger started this whole griever and blamer ‘philosophy’ as a cover for their own inadequacies. This blog is just what is needed as myself and many friends have asked over the years, ‘but what can we do about it?’ Now we have a mechanism. Well Done, John Ansell!!

    [JA: Well Peter, I guess I’m happier to be a saviour and a mechanism than a racist and a redneck! I remember Bolger speaking at the National Party 70th anniversary dinner. Looking at Don Brash in the line-up of leaders past and present, he said he (Bolger) was proud that when he was leader he was never racist. I begged to differ.]

  4. Is there a breakdown available? One that separates returning readers from new ones?

    [JA: Not that I know of, Simon.]

  5. Excellent news that you are getting a huge following on this issue, John.

    I endorse Trina’s comments in that we need as many as possible to support this campaign to unite this country and rescue it from it’s downward slide into something I would rather not think about. It’s imperative we are all equal under the law and time for all of the separatist racist divisions to cease.

    We’ve all lived, mingled and intermarried together for a long time now and we must put the past behind us and march forward – together.

    Please spread the word everyone and let’s hope all of New Zealand tunes in and helps stop the rot.

    [JA: I wouldn’t say the following is huge just yet, Helen, but today’s visitor numbers are more than yesterday’s, so continuing the upward trend. Usually numbers go way down in the weekend.]

  6. I am a new visitor to your blog,John. I am in agreement with you all the way. It is way past time all the whining about the past was put behind us properly. My fear is that our politicians like to keep this little lark continuing as it suits them. It is a good distraction from their incompetence in dealing with the structural imbalances in our economy.

    JA: Welcome aboard, Pix. (Or rather, ablog.)

  7. When my forebears arrived in New Zealand the Maori were a stone-age people who routinely raped, murdered and ate each other.

    The English brought them intellectual and technological resources that lifted them quickly out of those dark ages. Surely that is worth something.

    And it should be pointed out that it was a prominent Maori elder who originally requested that Maori children speak only English in school – we Pakeha did not go out to actively kill off their language.

    JA: That’s certainly true about Maori leaders asking the government to teach their children English.

    We don’t learn that fact at school.

    We don’t learn that Maori schools originally taught the Maori language, but the elders complained that the children were being held back by not knowing English.

  8. Lols Maori were routinely chastised and seen as an impediment to British rule and progress. If the advent of colonization was such a good thing why did the Maori population hit such a nadir in the early 20th Century?

  9. No native race on the planet was treated as compassionately by the British as Maori. Certainly Maori tribes were treated much better by the British than they were by each other.

    The cause of Maori depopulation in the second half of the nineteenth century was twofold:

    1. The severe shortage of breeding age males as a result of the intertribal ethnic cleansing of the first half.

    2. The shortage of breeding age females as a result of endemic female infanticide.

    There were some deaths as a result of European diseases, but this was a minor cause.

    And according to Treaty of Waitangi Research Unit researcher and author of The Corruption of New Zealand Democracy, Dr John Robinson, the politically-approved cause, land loss, was no cause at all.

    When colonisation put an end to the Musket Wars and the infanticide, the Maori population rebounded, and is now ten times what it was when colonisation began.

    These are the facts. If they’re not to your liking, simply go to any New Zealand university or government department and they’ll supply you with some other ones. 🙂

  10. John I commend you for your well researched factual information … just wish all these great things could be put in front of all New Zealanders. Hard to dispute hard-core facts when they’re backed up with substantiated proof.

    Cant help believe the way to give your fight some legs is to reach the mass population. The fastest cheapest way is through Social Media, using a contentious topic or header to shock people and get attention!

    We need not look far for this proof AKA “The Pakeha Party” …. You have well researched proven information backed up by credible well educated people. Just need to get the message across in a fast hard hitting way. No better time with the “Ruck Phenomenon” grabbing so much attention, people are sitting up and more importantly listening and now starting to respond … a good time to take advantage of this ground swell. Nothing to lose, let the masses do the work for you to inform all New Zealanders of the injustices we are being dealt.

    People will be shocked at what has been going on behind closed doors and right under their noses. Cheers … David

  11. What David says is so right. We need to somehow pick up on what the Pakeha Party has achieved and enlighten everyone on the huge big fraud being perpetuated upon us all.

    Personally I don’t think the Pakeha Party will last and there will be a lot of awakened people looking for somewhere else to place their support. It’s very obvious that many of the younger people are also fed up with what’s been going on, which is very good news, and we should take advantage of this quickly. I’m not sure how though but surely someone has some idea.

    Things seem to spread like wildfire on the Internet.

  12. Great Helen … good to see you too grasp the power of the internet. I agree regarding your comment about the longevity of the Pakeha Party. However it’s a great catalyst and platform to capitalise on! I like your understanding of how fortuitous it is that young people are so onto this … it does give me heart and hope that we can unite and move a cause forward on the strength of this coupled up with technology could be truly amazing. No one can ignore just how quickly something can get attention and gain traction when there is a mechanism that has the ability to reach huge numbers of people globally. Look at this:
    According to Internet World Stats, 1,966,514,816 people are connected to the internet and growing hourly.
    So what is the best option … my belief is what ultimately wins out is truth, backed up by facts, unfortunately to dig up the facts backed up with proven accuracy is a bloody slow process and during this long drawn out process a lot of the good work gets derailed, good well-meaning people with people eventually tire and get worn down and ultimately the cause becomes weakened which is bloody disheartening when all we want is deliver the truth and facts so New Zealanders can make an informed decision for themselves, which ultimately is for the good of this great country.
    You say … I’m not sure how to do this, you also say … surely someone has some idea. I emailed John recently about this very topic. It’s my belief… John Ansell and Co has the credibility backed up by fact. But don’t have the affordable fire power of instant attention (The David Ruck Phenomenon) … so why not combine the two and use technology to drive things forward, all of which costs very little. David Ruck hit pay dirt literally by chance and as a bi product has options aplenty in front of him. Just imaging unlike the way David Ruck stumbled on his success if we also tapped into this opportunity using a planned strategy. Using the power of technology and Social Media to advantage. You first need a contentious, attention grabbing headline, and let the machine start working. If you apply all of this, backed up with undisputable facts you’re onto a winner.
    Rather than a big buck ad campaign spend the money on getting a clever professional to put together a Facebook page. You could include offers of free copies of John Robinson credible book to give indisputable proof. When you quote things such as Sir Apirana Ngata, MA, LLB, D. Lit — the man on our $50 note. (Put there by Reserve Bank Governor, one Donald T. Brash.) If only today’s Maori leaders shared Ngata’s high regard for truth…
    When you combine the big attention grabbing heading on a Facebook page backed up by intelligent research, backed further by quantifiable facts, punctuated by various offers you will have the attention of a mass audience! Food for thought! … A good thing with this approach you will get attention of a lot of young people and it will rage like wildfire! As we know these young people can amass others so quickly!
    Be assured the Maori activists with rebel links will read what is posted. If this could be a way to get New Zealanders to read ‘When two cultures meet, the New Zealand experience’, if the bigots or Maori activists were to argue their point using your Facebook page as a forum they will be crucified. They will show their true colours, the tables of power will start to turn in favour of all the people of New Zealand. The believer will keep composure and gain loads of credibility, and then you will have the attention of the New Zealand people.
    At the very least behind the scenes you will have the militants bloody worried, feeling very exposed and venerable. Maybe the wheels of truth and justice will indeed start turning. Hopefully and more significantly, to have the reinstatement of the original Treaty of Waitangi, which would, put an end to the exploitation of all New Zealanders for the gains of a selected minority with only self-serving interests.

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