Blog visitors - countries of, Feb-Aug 2012

For an irregular blog obsessed with things New Zealand, this one certainly gets around.

I’m gobsmacked to learn that, in the last six months, readers have come from 159 countries, from Jamaica to Gibraltar to Djibouti to Japan, from the Bahamas to Botswana, from Nepal to Senegal, from Ghana to Guyana, and from Thailand to Greenland (where lives Qivioq, my Eskimo filmmaker friend).

(Yes, Eskimo is what she calls herself, even though Inuit is more politically correct. She was amused, rather than repulsed, to learn that New Zealanders eat Eskimo pies.)

Other ‘lands’ I’ve accidentally conquered include England, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Poland, Scotland and Switzerland.

(But disappointingly not Swaziland, the only African country where I actually have friends — albeit at the Taiwanese Embassy.)

I’ve made inroads into Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan, but not yet made benefit glorious nations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan or Turkmenistan.

Given my right-of-centre leanings, I’m delighted to be re-educating comrades in communist China, Myanmar and Vietnam, but less surprised by my lack of a following in North Korea, Cuba and Iran.

I didn’t realise till I scanned the reader stats how many countries end in ‘ia’.

Those on my list of intermittent indoctrinees include Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Estonia, French Polynesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mongolia, Namibia, New Caledonia, Nigeria, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, St Lucia, Syria, Tunisia and Zambia.

No contact yet with Ethiopia, Macedonia, Mauretania, Somalia or Tanzania.

It’s ironic that Oblivia (I mean Bolivia) is the only major hold-out in South America, since that happens to be the South American country in which I’m most interested.

Griever Maori like Margaret Mutu and Nin Thomas hold up Evo Morales’ pro-indigenous Bolivian constitution as a template for New Zealand, so a post on that nightmare scenario ought to mop up that pocket of resistance.

My weak areas are clearly Central Africa, Central Asia and Central America — but then I never was much of a centrist. 🙂

Anyone know anyone in the grey countries? What about dropping them a link?

8 thoughts on “Mindbloggling!

  1. Too funny. There are countries in there that I would have doubted even had electricity, never mind the internet. And Afghanistan? Seriously I thought they were too busy waring, killing kiwi and aussie blokes and plotting to kill Prince Harry to be reading blogs!

    So, your right wing evil plan is to dominate the world huh? Blogging wise anyway. Watch out Seth Godin! Ansell’s conquering the world!

  2. Trite Brenda, not all Afghani’s are involved in killing kiwi and aussie blokes and plotting to kill Prince Harry. And Im sure those people from Afghan who have an interest in other countries views, much appreciate your views on them

  3. Oh dear, where’s your sense of humour anakereiti? aahh yes, I forgot, you lost it when you read all the BS about how awful us pakeha were to your ancestors.

    Despite Afghanistan having been at war for…well, forever really, I’d give odds the Afghani’s still have a better sense of humour than you do.

    That’s just my opinion though. So don’t expect me to research the subject, get it peer reviewed and name my sources.

  4. I have a great sense of humor Brenda, i think even Trina will attest to that. Im sure all the Afghani’s were giggling hysterically , in total mirth at your remarks. And Im sure your opinion counts for much among them.

  5. My word we really are going global aren’t we. I bet South Africa will be interested/horrified to see us going down the apartheid trail and willing us to succeed with our Colourblind State, as they know all about that track.

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