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Putting it bluntly — a police chief speaks his mind

I dedicate this post to Garth McVicar.

It’s a San Francisco police chief giving the bedwetter media a bollocking for making a big deal of the speed one of his officers was travelling when he was killed chasing an armed felon.

This guy would make a great politician. He knows people despise the liberal media’s warped sense of justice, so doesn’t hesitate to get straight on the front foot.

Why do most public figures lack this instinct and resort to weasel words and apologies?

We should celebrate people who speak plainly. They’re islands of truth in a sea of deceit.

Thanks Digby for sending me this video.

3 thoughts on “Putting it bluntly — a police chief speaks his mind

  1. He’ll probably get the sack for telling the truth in a hurtful fashion.
    Oh, and the newspaper/media people will need counselling, too.

  2. What a breath of fresh air this guy is…and he’s only speaking common sense ffs.

    JA: Starboard, alas there’s nothing common about sense.

  3. I like this guy. I am with you Starboard – a breath of fresh air is a good way of putting it.

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